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I have been in the beauty and aesthetics industry for a number of years and it is certainly a passion as much as a business!

My journey started out many years ago as a nail technician as a part-time job to provide for my growing family...and with my passion for art it was a natural progression into aesthetics and PMU.

After completing many courses and gaining my qualifications, I've experienced some great training myself, and unfortunately some very basic training. Being a perfectionist I wanted to ensure I was the best that I could be, so in a number of areas I've taken multiple courses to gain as much knowledge as possible in that area. This gave me the passion to provide high quality training and led me to open my own training academy.

All of my students gain a very good level of knowledge to set them up for the future, and I commit to always being on hand for questions and advice if required. I see training as an ongoing relationship that does not end when the course does!

Every day I get to meet the most amazing people, making a positive impact on their life and building their self esteem. I am very thankful to wake up every day and do the job I love.

Kayleigh x

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